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Dear Members,
For your reading convenience, important topics are in bold.
♥ Jessica

The userinfo has been updated. The rules have been edited. Make sure you read them! You will be responsible for following the new rules, whether you've read them or not.

There will be an avantegarde_x webpage coming soon to a theater near you. However, I am lazy and it is summer, so please cut me some slack but complain to me about it every once in a while. If any HTML savvy members want to make some banners to help promote the community, a new layout, or to help with the webpage, contact us.

I've said this so many times before, but the avantegarde_x email address is avantegarde.kthnx@gmail.com. I need all of the members to send your main email address (you know, the one you check?) so after this post, all mod posts will be sent to your inbox. That way, you can't say you didn't see it.

A great mod once wrote, "A rule of thumb is that your final draft should be your first draft minus ten percent." Recognize it? I hope so. We've (the "Royal We", meaning I have) decided to apply that equation to our community as well as to our writing. What does that mean? It means that this community is ELITE and for PASSIONATE writers. No one wants to read shit, I know I don't. So how do you prevent shit from showing up in the community? Weed out the writers that:

1. Aren't Active
2. Don't Critique or Comment
3. No One Likes.

I know that sounds bitchy, but please don't hate me. If you have a problem with any of the members, leave an anonymous comment or email. This post has been left unlocked so comments can be left anonymous. Still uncomfortable with calling a member out? All comments will be screened so only I see them. Or you could always Instant Message one of us, you can even make a new screen name of complete anonymity for this very purpose if you want. (Yes, yes, I know, I've used anonymous four times in a row now, but this is a mod post, not a masterpiece. Synonyms Schmenonyms.)

Ashley - common fallacy
Pamela - xendings
Jessica - crash my world

Don't have AIM, but have MSN? So do I.

Jessica - thisnightscene@hotmail.com

So, now is the time for you to say that the fact that "insert name here never submits anything but chew everyone else's heads off" really gets on your nerves. Say that "insert name here's crave for correct punctuation is crazy", that "insert name here wouldn't have been accepted if the first ten members weren't automatically in." Just say what everyone else has been thinking. I'm serious! No feelings hurt on my behalf, I promise.

If you're one of those people that read every word this community spits out but never plan on applying, now's the time to admit it. If you plan on applying soon, let us know! No one here will lash out at a hesitant applicant, really. If your fountain of words have run dry but you would submit if you had anything worthwhile to say, tell someone. If you don't say anything now and you just happen to be kicked out, it's your own fault. Member cuts will take place in a week, maybe a few days, who knows? So, here's your chance to prove that you really want to be here.
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