Adam Amanda (_blue_pulse) wrote in avantegarde_x,
Adam Amanda

Any of you who read my journal--as opposed to my community posts alone--know that I have been on hiatus for quite a long while. I just updated for the first time in ages but I'm sad to say that my absence has not come to an end. I don't know when I'll be back on track, I can't even estimate. Let me just say that things have been amiss lately. Something bleak is rising up and I've felt it for weeks. I really need to wrestle it, and that leaves less time for livejournal as a whole. Although writing is and always will be very important, I have some other priorities that come before prompts and voting. I'm really sorry to neglect you, as I have been for a long time now. I'm reluctant to leave avantegarde entirely, I've been here for a short time and contributed so little...and it's a lovely community. A lot of promising applicants and newly-accepted members (who I apologize for not voting on...) are appearing. I figured if I didn't say something soon I might just be forgotten altogether. I love everyone here and hope I am able to return sooner than I expect. I'm currently on a downtrend it seems, and there's no telling when I'll be my normal self again. I will leave it up to Jessica and the other mods to kick me out or let me be as they see fit. Either way, I'll miss everyone. Do Svidanya. Bye-bye. xo - Manda
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