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Name: carla-faith
Email: starryeyed136@yahoo.com

Age: 16
Location: pennsylvania
Top 10 Favorite books (Rank them):
1. white oleander by janet fitch
2. the bluest eye by toni morrison
3. hamlet by william shakespeare
4. the unabridged journals of sylvia plath editted by karen v. kukil
5. i know this much is true by wally lamb
6. harry potter series j.k. rowling
7. pride and prejudice by jane austen
8. romeo & juliet by william shakespeare (the words are amazing)
9. the virgin suicides by jeffrey eugenides
10. what looks like crazy on an ordinary day by pearl cleage

Who is your role model? Why?: my role model is my sister, lora beacuse she lived a life that was outlined in pain but she was incredible in spite of it. hospital beds and dirty blood (AIDS) couldn't suppress her beautiful heart.

Describe yourself in 150 words (We will count, just watch.): like many people the stars have failed me, so i wish on falling flower petals instead of yellow balls of static. my toes bleed because i run through my neighborhood, slapping my memories into the pavement until my feet are dirty and are mangled by blisters. (i was raped. abused as a child. lost two siblings to AIDS.) my boyfriend and i are as opposite as our skin tones but our lives have been intertwined for almost two years. i have a hardened heart but i can love intensely. be my friend and i swear my loyalty will never falter. i like the grittiness of new york city but I adore the simplicity of rhode island. i am terrified of sex. i have a paralyzing fear of death. i am painfully shy. i have paper cuts on my fingers because I read too much and turn pages too quickly.

Your favorite thing that you've ever written: (this is my favorite thing i've written recently)
the days they run past me, but the nights sit tauntingly outside my window filling up my heart with its dark shadows and hidden wants. right now i want your doughy fingers sliding between my bitten ones and the sound of your tender voice speaking over these haunting melodies of sad music. the hot air crawls into my room, sticks to my skin and makes me shine in a way i never could (because i'm the kind of girl who only looks pretty in the dark).

god, i need hard kisses, your smell underneath my nose and our bodies laying horizontally. the smiles won't escape me; no, they'll come out freely, without reluctance, as we lay, brown eyes staring into brown eyes. my dark skin caressing your tan as we love stronger with every passing airplane. this love is honest, real, and absent on this long night. i ache for you in ways that i cant describe.

i need our souls to dance tonight.

Write for five minutes off the top of your head; Don't copy and paste something you wrote earlier.:
“My heart hurts,” she said with honest eyes, and it was the first time she had ever announced her pain. I cradled her head in my lap, fingering the knots in her wild black hair as she stared out the car window. She coughed violently and started crying, soaking my pants in her wild tears. “I’m done, Carla, I’m done,” and the life inside of her burnt out in front of me. My heart broke, and I was angry because she had given up on the hope we said we’d always carry.

Twenty minutes later she had a hospital gown on that opened in the back to reveal her skeletal frame. She was beaten, I could see it in her feeble steps to the bathroom or the way she’d wince when she was stuck with an IV. My best friend, my sister, was dying and I cursed at the sky that night until my voice grew hoarse.

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